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Symbolism is an important part of Various elements are beg used to represent beliefs feelgs pride identity etc Symbolism is an ancient cultural practice Assam which is still very important for the people Tamulpan Xorai and Gamosa are three important symbolic elements

S are the most celebrated life-events all around the world and hence a lot of pomp and show is attached to it The people also like to celebrate this occasion a splendid manner People from both the sides dress up their fest traditional weddg attires which adds to the traditional charm Tradition it is the bride's sister who washes the groom's feet It only seems sultg to get two adults as old as the groom's own parents and deservg the same amount of respect to wash the feet of. More images

Weddg is based on Vedic traditions and rituals language ceremony is known as "Biya" The traditional weddg song is known by "Biya naam" It is simple and yet very elegant This weddg is a unique traditional like chantg of "Uruli" There are lots of different weddg traditions the Daiyan Diya is one that is observed the morng when curd is sent to the bride's house She will eat it but leave half untouched and return it to the groom's house Just like any Hdu tradition weddg rituals are a diverse set of traditions that are rich and heritage Like every other dian weddg an weddg is an occasion of bonhomie and camaraderie With an attractiveness so subtle and priste an weddg reflects a sobriety that is a rarity most dian weddgs The bright and burng Sun on your forehead embodies my and civilisation; An delible mark of beg an beg an dian all corners. Weddg ceremonies are referred to as ‘Biya’ the native language of the state and takes place between two dividuals from the community weddgs are subtle simple and yet elegant affair with rituals firmly grounded the Assam and tradition assam cultural life,The people of Assam are a mixture of Mongolian do-Burmese do-Iranian and Aryan orig This mixture of people constitutes the population of the state and they call themselves as ``Asomiya'' or ``'' and the language is also referred by.